Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Exercises and the Scribbling of a Madwoman

Interspersed throughout my writing notebook are random poems I write sort of subconsciously when I'm trying to come up with a line for an actual poem. Thought I'd share, some are pretty ridiculous.

Tricky to spell
Impossible to smell
Still I can't quell
Shaking like hell
Stressed by the bell
But that's just as well
For headlong I fell.

Untitled Something 1:
The need for acceptance and
the fear of being rejected clash
in the most spectacular way
you can imagine
fireworks tears and song.

Untitled Something 2:
Hopes are like butterflies
Adrift on the ocean
Miles from home and
Brimming with emotion.
What I write makes no sense
So I guess it's called art
But only by those
With a pitiful heart.

Untitled Something 3: (originally part of US2)
My rhyming is weak
my tempo off beat
my words have no heat
the bones have no meat
the legs have no feet
the dog has no treat
the drunk has no mead
the flutist no reed
the cows lack their feed
the addict no need
the pothead no weed
the Nicenes no creed
there's nothing to read
except my incredibly amateur

It's Fun To Write Limericks!:
Ah, what fun it is to write a limerick!
Your results could be quite terriferic!
I think you will find
It's a hard skill to refine
Because nothing quite rhymes with limerick!

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