Sunday, February 6, 2011

I watched the Super Bowl and it was actually really fun

I rooted for the Packers, since they were the underdogs and gosh I love me a good underdog story, and they won. Just goes to show you what magic my support generates.
Just kidding. They played a fantastic game, really, I can't believe I actually had fun watching it! Anyway, it was worth the homework-ignoring that went on. Sweet fuck I'm tired, skiing wears you out, so sorry if this post makes no sense or my sentence constructions are a little off. It happens. So I'll post something I wrote when I wasn't tired. And that makes sense. Hopefully. Am I drunk?

A Poem and Stuff:

There’s a time when the world is magical
Lit with a soul anew
It’s a precious kind of miracle,
The wondrous afternoon half-light.

Spiderwebs stretch across blades of grass
Like a precarious tightrope of beauty
They shine with the light of the rainbow,
In the glow of the afternoon half-light.

Moths anxiously flit from spot to spot
Touched with a golden shimmer
Even the smallest of creatures are exquisite,
Basked in the glory of this afternoon half-light.

Red-gold leaves are scattered throughout the grass
Like jewels throughout a coal mine
Their colors sparkle and dance like fairies,
Feeling the joy of the afternoon half-light.

There’s a time when everything shines gaily
And no creature is left without grace
Every farthest dream seems possible
In the wondrous afternoon half-light.

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