Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not Poetry

Ways in Which I am Like a Cat:
I sleep a lot
I don’t like change
I yawn way too often
I like the sun
I like comfy places
I stretch a lot
I’m lazy as fuck
I don’t love unconditionally much
I like others to do things for me
I’m manipulative
I like the dark
I like to be clean; I’m kind of a germaphobe
I’m fastidious
I meow occasionally
I can see pretty well in the dark for a human
I do not like vacuum cleaners
I get scared easily

Ways in Which I am Not Like a Cat:
My ears do not oscillate. In fact, I can’t move them at all
I do not have claws
I am not furry
I do not hiss
My teeth are not long and pointy
I like having people around, except when I don’t
My thumbs are opposable

1 comment:

  1. "Ways In Which I Am Like a Cat." I knew this post was going to be spectacular even before I read it.

    How is this blog not famous already?