Monday, February 14, 2011

It's Valentine's Day

And instead of spitting out some quips about consumerism or depression, I'm just going to tell you about how I almost burned someone's homework today, but I was foiled by a safety match.
Actually, that's about the whole story. I was coloring with a match, slightly hoping that it would catch on fire because I hated that kid, whose homework I was scribbling on with frenzied abandon, who began to hate me with a passionate passion for no good reason at all about a month and a half ago and I just can't forgive him for that because I thought he was going to be, in my friend's words, my Black Lightning. But then I looked up the difference between regular friction matches and safety matches (the difference being that safety matches have powdered glass in them which causes friction when it strikes the pad, which only works

[Your regularly scheduled blog post has been interrupted for this special announcement: I just watched the series finale of Medium, which is a show I'm not obsessed with but I followed it for the last couple of seasons, and I am crying SO HARD. It was like The Notebook. Your regularly scheduled blog post will resume.]

when the pad also has powdered glass in it, or something) and I stopped, figuring it useless, and flung the match dramatically across the room, where it landed in the corner for some inquisitive and lucky 6th grader to find and wreak mayhem with, if they can manage. And then I got depressed on the bus, fell asleep, daydreamed about zombie killing with a certain extremely attractive person until I was happy again, got off the bus, tried not to slip and kill myself on the melting ice while walking home, sprinted past a dead squirrel conveniently moved FROM THE STREET WHERE NOBODY CARED TO THE SIDEWALK WHERE EVERYBODY DOES, stopped, gagged, got over it, ran inside.
That was my day, or at least the highlights/lowlights of it.

Also, I fell down the stairs yesterday and thought I died for a couple minutes, went into shock (which I believe because my heart was beating super fucking slow) and then got up and realized I just had a bruise back, elbow and ass. Awesome. Black and blue in time for the one day of the year when I get my hopes up that someone will send me a secret note or confess their love or something and nobody does.

This was more melodramatic than I'd hoped. Oh well.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to post a poem and stuff. Poems. Hmm.

How far would I go for you?
Maybe I’ve become
The clock in my mind is set to June
Who knew?
Nature dies and seasons change
Lives crumble and brim with pain
Bound together by a lifeblood chain
Who gains?
Papercuts and freezerburn
Tides rise and waves return
Firewood for flames yearn
Who burns?
Limbs twitch in dying throes
To this sweet dark night they owe
A last lover’s whisper death bestows
And breathes
Who knows?

...Like I said, not everything posted on this is going to be polished or even remotely good. I try.

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