Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rocky Beginnings

So I decided to create this blog, though I already have and love my Tumblr, as a more anonymous and serious alternative; something more blog-like, in that I'll actually post about stuff that happens to me. You know, maybe.

My friend Kylie introduced me to Blogger. Well, I knew of it, of course, but since she actually made one I decided I'd give it a shot, too.

However, I haven't had the smoothest of beginnings here on Blogspot. Or is it Blogger? I don't actually know. Anyway, the first calamity that struck (and yes, I'm being overly dramatic, but shh) was that all of the URLs I wanted were taken- Silver, negativecreep, loungeact, loungeacts... all taken. This would be fine, of course, if they weren't all taken by people with like one post that goes along the lines of "I don't know how to work this!" from five years ago. Argh. The second thing is, the template editor (because I'm too lazy to edit things the other way) won't load on my computer, so I'm stuck with this ugly layout. Oh well.

So what happened to me today, then? We had a snow day, because we have ridiculous amounts of snow. So I woke up late, after hearing the phone ring at 5:30 and correctly assuming that it meant school was canceled, and then I shoveled. I shoveled a lot. And then the plow came by again and ruined all of my work. My soul cried a little, and then I went back inside to nurse my sore arms and back. I feel old.
Then I played a shitload of BlackOps and Fallout: New Vegas, way too much than I should. Things of note: I got a 7 Killstreak in BlackOps with a pistol, so that made me happy, 'cause I usually suck.
Then I watched a couple episodes of Say Yes to the Dress and yelled at the overbearing moms.

Then I went back to video games.

So hello, greetings, Blogspot/Blogger/whatever you are.

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