Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poetry is not my forte, okay?

But here. Be forewarned, it's old and shitty, but whatever, I did nothing today because I was semi-sick and tired, so I have nothing else to post.

The intricacies of birds in spring
An innocent, pure and wholesome thing
Every day they visit me
And always take me under wing.

A sheltered life is hard to lead
They opened the cage to set me free
I crawled out and embraced the light
But needy night won't let me be.

Now in my mind the birds take flight
To flee the bloodlust of the night
Though I try to pull away,
This taunting greed I cannot fight.

The birds have fled and ceased to sing
They've left me crowned reluctant king
Alone on this throne I wond'rously think
Of the intricacies of birds in spring.


  1. Old and shitty? Nonsense! Politicians are old and shitty. Any episode of the Twilight Zone involving aliens is old and shitty. But this is good! I really like it, especially how it begins and ends with the same line. My favourite bit is the second to last line.

    My one piece of advice? Don't allow yourself to be limited by rhyme.

  2. "They've left me crowned reluctant king"
    Best line, in my opinion!

    And stop calling your stuff shitty!