Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dead on my feet

Today was incredibly tiring... ugh. I got up at 8 in the morning- A.K.A. WAY too early for a Saturday, especially when you stayed up till 2 the morning before playin' COD with your friends- to go to an extra credit Chemistry class, which, yes, is as nerdy as it sounds, but I only went because my friend wanted me to and because there were donuts. Then I chilled at a wrestling tournament, which was okay because of the number of guys shirtless or near to it, even though it was not the most rosy smelling of places. Then I went to the mall, where I participated in an orchestrated 5 minute freeze much like the Improv Everywhere one except not nearly as well done because there were like 500 people, so that was fun.
And now I'm just about dead on my feet, because I'm also on my period and therefore I feel like dying and/or committing mass homocide.
Hey, look, now Lounge Act is playing on my iTunes, which is funny because that's what I named this blog.

So there's this guy at my church who looks exactly like Slash when he was young, except with glasses. And his name is James. I kind of love him. And he's 25, but let's ignore that for now.
James has two younger brothers, one of whom is my age (but, tragically, has not taken after his brother looks-wise so far) and another who is younger than that. AND WHILE I WAS AT THE WRESTLING TOURNAMENT, I SAW THEM TAKING A TOUR OF MY SCHOOL. Which means that either middle brother is going here, into junior year which is probably not the case but that'd be amazingtasticcool, or that his youngest brother is going into middle school. I'm just excited. Small world.

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