Tuesday, August 30, 2011


There’s a certain point in your life when you are boundless. Generally it happens in childhood, as you grow up and watch the wonderful world shift around you, and you believe you can do whatever you want to do because you’ve seen it happen before and you don’t yet know of restraints. But sometimes childhoods are tough, sometimes the powers at be don’t allow you to maintain innocence long enough to experience this weightlessness. Never fear; the boundlessness will catch up to you later in life. One day you will wake up, the sun will be shining, and as you breathe in you will feel something crumble away.
Here’s another secret I will whisper in your ear: once you are boundless, you will never again be chained.
That day you wake up and feel your spirit rejoice in every cell of your body, that day when you wake up and everything is so beautiful that it’s nearly painful to look at, it will be a fulcrum in your life. You will never again be laid low by the world. That day will come.
Today wasn’t that day.
You woke up and the world bore down on you with fangs of woe. Outside, the cold sunlight refused to let in any warmth. The air was weighted with worry, and it collected in your lungs like piles of gravel. Immediately, your brain started to churn out reasons why you weren’t going to make it.
The day passed slowly for you. It was filled with the usual pain, boredom. Yes, there was happiness; but it refused to sparkle through the opaque curtain of self-doubt you lowered, and when you looked back on it, the day was a blur of gray.
Yes, it’s hard to look forward when it’s so much more entrancing to look back. Sometimes pain can be beautiful, just as beauty can be pain, and if you don’t pay attention, you can become spellbound by your own sorrow. There’s a certain satisfaction in thinking you know that the world is shit and you’re bound for nothing. I’m here to tell you that you’re not. Tear your gaze away from the hypnotizing sadness and relax in the present.
Above all, don’t worry. What did I tell you? Some day, the weightlessness will come.
Tomorrow will be that day.
You will wake up and notice the beautiful color of the rising sun as it breaks through your curtains and touches you with light. Outside, the sun will gently take your hand as you grab the morning paper. You will taste the air and remember that even the most mundane and autonomous of tasks can be sweet and new. Yes, there will be happiness; it will shine and smile.
Tomorrow will be that day because the world is at your fingertips. You are the only thing in your way. Once you realize this, you can shove aside your carefully constructed barriers and let the weightlessness come and lift you into a boundless blue sky. Tomorrow will be that day.
You will stand up and feel something crumble.
You will be happy.
You will be weightless.
I promise.


  1. Ah God I loved this post so much! It made me very happy. Although I think I have yet to reach that point. Because I'm living my life in chains. And not in a kinky, sexual way either. Chains.

  2. That was beautiful. :D