Thursday, March 3, 2011

Matthew Gray Gubler is on Tumblr and I Feel Insignificant

So. It hasn't spilled over onto Blogger yet because I've expressed myself rather fully on Tumblr and Twitter, but I am rather prone to fangirling. Over a lot of different things; mainly music groups, The Beatles, Motion City Soundtrack, etc.
HOWEVER, my latest obsession has been Matthew Gray Gubler, of Criminal Minds fame (he plays Spencer Reid). I mean, I'm not stalker type variety, but... I fall in love easily.
And now he has a Tumblr.
And my Tumblr pretty publicly showcases my, er, love. I'm freaking out a little, but hey, if he ever miraculously follows me back, I think my feelings of joy will eclipse any worry about a restraining order.

My feelings of insignificance stem from 1) a lingering feeling that I'm too young for everything/one I love, and 2) I will never be famous and/or witty. Definitely not witty. Have any of you noticed my insecurity about witticism? I WILL NEVER BE WITTY, JUST MILDLY FUNNY WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR.

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